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Posted by requiemforrome on 2008.09.13 at 08:36
Salve Writers

The time period I have chosen for this Roleplay, is the turbulent and violent years of Julian the Apostate, who, as the last Pagan Emperor, fought valiantly to break the hold of Christianity on the very heart of the Roman world itself. One can well imagine the possibilities of such a story. Christian Vampires fighting savagely to hold their grip on the political reins of Constantinople and Rome, while the last Scion of the Wolf, Julian, a man of reason and philosophy, works diligently to bring about a new awakening and rebirth.

At the heart of it all, is an age old secret, spoken only in whispers by such philosphers as Pythagoras and Plato, and searched for in vain by the legendary heroes, Alexander, Perseus, and Jason. 

The Secret of Immortality, which the great Gaius Julius Caesar discovered, during his conquest of Gaul, is a mystery his blood heirs dutifully protect to their last dying breath. The Emperor Julian is the last of the Scion's, great men such as Germanicus, Trajan, Marcus Aurelius and others, who have led the secret Military Order known as the Sacred Covenant of the Rose, or SPQR. There vow is to restore the old Gods, and safeguard the vision of Julius Caesar, and above all, protect the miracle he unearthed in Gaul. 

Now an old line of the Julii Patrician family has risen, Vampires who lurk in the Roman Senate, have petitioned for an alliance with the Emperor, promising to aid him in his fight against the Christian Vampires, who rule the Eastern Empire and use the Church as a facade to convert everyone to their fanatical beliefs. 

But can they be trusted? Is a blood bond enough to secure the peace, or prevent treachery? Do they to seek the immortal secret that he guards so preciously? Only the God's know for certain, but besieged by fanatical Bishops and Deacons in Constantiniple, and the massive army of the Persian God-King Sapor in the East, Julian has relented, agreeing to this alliance, and thus the Detente, or Accord of Blood as it has come to be known, was signed in Jerusalem.

Now the world holds its collective breath, waiting for a victor to emerge. Will the Cult of the dead Jewish rebel prevail? Or will the strength of the old Gods be reborn anew, ushering in a new era of Hellenic worship?

Only time will tell, but now my dear Citizen, I must ask a very relevant question. Who will you fight for?

Rome? Constantinople? The Church? For personal honor and glory? 

Good Citizen of Rome, whatever path you may choose in the coming days, this Dark Awakening is yours alone to walk.  


Posted by requiemforrome on 2008.09.12 at 22:52
 The following thread is dedicated to what most roleplayers know as the registration process. Within, is an appplication, and the List of all current members of the game Roman Requiem. Just post your application as a comment, and I will approve of disapprove. This is meant to be a very user friendly game, so the process will not take an act of God, as on some sites.

My main concern is to get you writing, and into the feel and excitement of this ancient roleplay premise.

I am of the belief that in order for a site to grow, the Character must be three-dimensional in all facets. But, I am set firmly against a massive history so in depth and so detailed, that there is no room to grow or adapt. So make certain you have the essentials, but leave enough uncertainty to write your own story as we progress in the storyline. 

Welcome to Roman Requiem.


RR Admin


Posted by requiemforrome on 2008.09.12 at 18:29
 I assure any visitor that Roman Requiem will be a serious RPG. I have hosted gaming sites in the past, and both my personal boards are both older than four years each.

www.jedipraxeum.com and www.lonniematson.com/dark-awakening

I have the credentials and experience to run a clean, exciting and enlightening game. After years on Ezboard, InvisionFree, and now my own personal host, I just want to try something different, and Live Journal is a great place to market your ideas, and recruit potential members.

So this thread is for the curious, and current members alike. Ask anything about the plot, the game, the setting, character creation, etc. 

I will answer to the best of my ability. My mission statement is simple; have as much fun as possible in a setting grounded in creativity, realism, and the thrill of the supernatural. If that interests you, your in the right place. If this is a success, we may move Roman Requiem to a traditional roleplaying board.


Roman Requiem Admin


Posted by requiemforrome on 2008.09.11 at 15:37
Greetings guests, lurkers, and members alike, welcome to my Live Journal RPG! Anyone, even unregistered members, from Yuku, Proboard, or Invision Free, may post a free advertisement here. Just add a comment to this post, and your ad will be listed. Thank your for considering our LJ RPG.